We are excited to share the big news –
Dallas-based Petroleum Engineering Firms,
Haas Engineering and W.M. Cobb & Associates,
have merged to form
Haas and Cobb Petroleum Consultants.


This merger will advance our offerings and provide clients with a diverse suite of experience as a full-service geologic and engineering consulting company in the
petroleum industry.

Thad Toups

“Our firms have built a reputation of excellence. We are looking forward to working together to create a new standard in petroleum engineering.”

Thad Toups and Randy Brush

Randy Brush

We will have more details on the merger in the coming months and look forward to sharing more about its benefits with your team.

You can find our press release here, along with a FAQ here.

If you have any questions about the merger please email or call Thad Toups at thad.toups@haasengineering.com or (214) 379-2312.
You can also set a time to meet with Thad here.

Information about our current services can be found at our legacy company websites:
Haas Engineering  and WM Cobb and Associates

Haas Cobb Team